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Burlington Seniors Community

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Supporting the well-being of Burlington’s diverse and growing community of Seniors

 P.O. Box 91584 Roseland Plaza

 Burlington, ON L7R 4L6

For information on how you can become involved.       

email bsci4seniors@gmail.com

 You asked us

I heard you changed your name? – Yes, BSCI - Burlington Seniors’ Centre Inc. has now become BURLINGTON SENIORS COMMUNITY, operated by the same Board of Directors and is still an Incorporated Not-for-profit entity.

Why did you leave? - The City chose to end the relationship with BSCI. For many years the Board had the responsibility of running the Bistro Café, Day Trips and Events.

Didn’t the City run them before? - Yes years ago and they asked the then Board of Management to takeover, which is when BSCI became Incorporated to cover liability in the Bistro.

Why was a new MOU not signed? - The City chose to end the relationship with BSCI. As published by the City, “this decision took great consideration by City staff over a number of years.” The City informed BSCI of its decision October 26 and BSCI complied with their deadline of Nov.1, 2016.

Where are you going? - We have been able to secure a boardroom within a local organization to hold our Board Meetings.

Did BSCI receive any of our Membership Fees? - No - All Membership Fees go to the City of Burlington.

Who am I a Member of? - Your paid Membership makes you a Member of the Burlington Seniors’ Centre, a facility owned by the City of Burlington and operated by the Recreation Dept. of the City of Burlington.

Who organizes and decides on the Programs offered and where does that money go? - City Recreation Dept. Programing Staff are responsible for all programs. The City hires and pays the instructors and determines the content. All program fees go to the City of Burlington.

The Boutique Ladies sell their handmade items and previously donated it to BSCI, as do Club Nine who make occasional donations. Do you still have that money? - All monies donated to BSCI were donated to be used at the discretion of the BSCI Board. The Board chose, instead of using it for operating expenses, to add all of it to the profits from the Bistro, Day Trips and Events. This allowed the Board to purchase items that would benefit the Members of the Centre, e.g. card tables, TV Menu Screen, flip table & senior friendly dirty dish carts, frig, freezer, utensils and signage for the Soup Program, etc., etc.

BSCI always tried to show appreciation to the many Volunteers, without whom the Centre or BSCI could not operate. As Volunteer appreciation tokens, at appropriate times BSCI would supply free coffee, Food Vouchers to the Bistro or Tim Cards, along with hand written Thank You Notes. Volunteers are indeed the life of the Centre!

What are your plans now? - We are in a state of transition. This change became effective November 1st. The Board of Directors will take time to discern who they want to be, how we can be most effective in helping the Burlington senior community and how to best achieve it.


Will you be a duplication of (BSAC) Burlington Seniors Advisory Committee? – BSAC is a City established advisory group to the City. We are an independent incorporated organization. We hope to be able to incorporate our experience and expertise working with them and other similar groups though-out the community, sourcing senior’s issues and find solutions.

What will happen to any funds that BSCI have now? - BSCI Funds came from the seniors in Burlington and will be used to further the interests of seniors in Burlington. No decisions will be made about the funds the Board holds without deliberation and input from the seniors’ community in a transparent process.

The goal of the newly named ‘Burlington Seniors Community’ is ~

Supporting the well-being of Burlington’s diverse and growing community of Seniors.

Ideas? Give us your input! bsci4seniors@gmail.com

Please visit our website at www.burlingtonsc.org

 Mail  P.O. Box 91584 Roseland Plaza  Burlington, ON L7R 4L6